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Whole and Half Hogs are ready right now!  For approximately $240 per half and $480 per whole you can fill your freezer with healthy and delicious pork!  Check out the pork page for more details!

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Half and Whole Hogs Available Now!

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Come see us every other Tuesday in Branchport, and every other Saturday in Canandaigua to check out our fully-stocked freezers!  Order ahead to save!


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Stay stocked up on BEEF, CHICKEN and PORK!  We are in Branchport every other Tuesday 4-5:30 PM and Canandaigua every-other Saturday 10:00-11AM.  Don't forget to order ahead for great deals!  Check out the CURRENT SPECIALS page to save today!

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Bedient Farms, a family farm for over 50 years, located in Potter, NY.

Angela Bedient, owner and operator of Bedient Farms is dedicated to raising quality animals that will provide the public with a known, healthy food source.  All of the beef sold at Bedient Farms is born and raised on the farm using absolutely no growth hormones. 

Here at Bedient Farms we are dedicated to raising beef animals that grow and finish well on a primarily grass-based diet.  The cattle have forage (grass or dry hay) to eat 100% of the time.  Animals being finished for beef sales receive very small amounts of grain during the finishing process as a supplement and for tenderness and flavor not found in 100% grassfed beef.