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Even when things are going wrong, they are going right!

Posted 8/15/2017 1:58pm by Angela Bedient.

Today we were moving a group of cows with calves to a new paddock to graze fresh grass.  There were 11 fairly new calves, ranging from 2 days to 2 weeks old, to get moved.  Most of our moves are planned so that we open a gate and move to the adjacent field or section of a field.  Today was a "hard" move.  In this particular field we had come to the end of the line and had to go back, via a lane.  The cows are easy...they see us open a wire gate and they go down the lane.  The calves on the other hand are clueless.  

So we got everything setup and ready, called the cows, rounded up all the calves, who of course were napping in every nook and cranny of the field, got them all with their mothers and opened the gate.  The cows slowly start milling through the gate and down the lane.  The calves immediately break from the cows go under the single electric wire and are dashing around and around in a big open field, but always back to their mothers (thank God).  So the site to see is the cows going nicely down the lane and calves everywhere, but generally heading in the right direction.

So as I'm calling the cows and guiding them down to the new paddock, I see 11 calves in the wrong place but going in the right direction.  I think to myself isn't this the truth with a lot of things?  Our life most days feels basically like some form of controlled chaos.  We put up "fences" to guide things toward our goals or keep things in check, but sometimes, most times, things go outside the fence, through the fence, past the gate opening.  We can panic or know that the calf always wants to go back to its mother.  We can panic, get down or know that things will always get back to center if we stay true to our goal, work hard and diligently and believe that GOD's plan is number one.

In their hearts humans plan their course,
but the Lord establishes their steps. Proverbs 16:9



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